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Fierce Fiesta Chicken

I created this one evening when I had a craving for Avocado and Chicken.  I usually eat them together with salsa but had a tough workout and wanted to get more complex carbs in for Recovery.   So, I grab the Pinto Beans (may sub any beans), pre-made shredded chicken and pre-made Basmati Rice, added a little salt & pepper and the main ingredient that makes this party hoppin':  Srirachi Sauce! ...

Help Me Make a Difference!

Run. Influence. Change the World.   ~Run10Feed10 Be Fierce. Influence. Change the World.    ~Ashley Johns In the spirit of making a difference in someone's life, I've signed up for the Run10Feed10 10k in Chicago (September 23rd)!!!   I discovered this charity run while visiting the Feed Project Page!   What Lauren Bush has done with this company and for children rocks me to my core.   I love how much she's making a difference. ...