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10 Habits to Be Happy, Confident & Successful

For me, happiness didn't just fall in my lap. I was never one of those people who poops rainbows, sunshine and unicorns wherever they go! I know some of those people. Their positive disposition would even annoy me because I didn't understand how they had it and I wasn't sure even if I knew, I could ever get it. (ie: not the best attitude) Being happy never came easy for ...

The Happy List and How To Make One

Happy List: the song 32 Flavors coming on while getting ready this morning ? knee-high boots ? tomorrow is date night! ? Tuesday mornings coffee with mom ? my gram texting me affirmations each morning (she loves Emojis!) ? going to meet someone new today ? the leaves telling me it's good to let go ? neon beads I'm entertaining for a new Collection ? getting snail mail & a ...