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May’s Inspirational Wallpaper for Desktop + iPhone

April showers bring May flowers and man are the flowers blooming! Each month I create an inspirational wallpaper that I hope will inspire you to continue to reach for your greatness within. Weall need reminders. Daily reminders are like daily habits: even the smallest ones can make the biggest impact in our lives over time! In the spirit of the season, this month's vision board wallpaper encourages you to DREAM ...

December Vision Board

  December is one of my favorite months of the year and since we moved to Texas in August, this will be our first holiday season away from my family and all the traditions we've been used to over the years back home. Thanksgiving was the first time it really hit home that we were really in a new season of our lives and that instead of feeling sad or ...

November Vision Board

  Can you believe November is here already? We'll be to Christmas before you know it. When I think about this month, I think about family, being present, being gracious and getting grounded within myself and my life. It's a great time to look back over the year and take stock of how far you came and where you still want yet to go. It's sort of like the calm ...

October Vision Board

October's intention: Live from the inside out!   Happy October! This is one of my favorite months, the month where all things Fall begin taking shape. It calls into place the need for rituals that bring peace and a sense of home all through going inward: more time in nature feeling the cool, crisp air, lighting my favorite pumpkin DW candles, reading more, breathing deeper, hearing the fall crows each ...