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This challenge begins every single day with each of us, lacing up our kicks and getting ​outside to put one foot in front of the other, 7000 times. 

T​HE GOAL: to be healthy, HAPPY, fiercely connected to ourselves & ​be in the work of our greatness. All this can be earned and forged by establishing daily habits that help us feel better, perform better and live better.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Thirty days ago, I started a challenge in my life to push myself harder than I ever have before to become mentally tough. What I dedicated myself to was creating new, healthy habits each day for 75 days NO MATTER WHAT. ​The habit that has most impacted me has been the daily walk in nature. My goal was always to hit 7k steps each day. I downloaded a step app, laced my shoes up and went, every single day. ​

​It's helped me understand the impact my daily habits have on my life and myself. ​This is an open door, all you have to do is step through it. Then keep walking forward every single day. The beauty is, you have a tribe of others walking right alongside you, me included!

​xo, Ashley

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Why walk every day? PRESS PLAY.

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With your help, a portion of every Fierce Forward Challenge Bracelet sold will ​be donated to ​victims of human sex trafficking (women & children).

Benefits of walking 7000 steps every day:

  • ​​7000 steps over 30 days is walking 105 miles that you wouldn't have walked otherwise
  • ​A​lleviates depression & fatigue
  • ​​Boosts endorphins. Improves mood, confidence, attention & decision making
  • ​Improves blood pressure & blood flow​
  • ​Movement creates momentum in all aspects of your life
  • ​You'll be outside and reconnect to yourself & nature
  • ​You can walk & learn: listen to a podcast!

Get your friends on board, share the challenge!

What​ happens after you signup​​

After you signup, check your inbox and confirm your email. Once you confirm your signup, you'll receive a welcome email from me over the next week with everything you need to be ready for our official start date of Saturday, June 1s​t!

What ​We've ​Gotten From Walking Everyday


​Walking everyday for the past 40 days has been forced down-time for me. I'm feeling less stressed & more mindfully anchored. I never took the time to notice a flower in bloom, a kitty that always sleeps in the neighbor's window. Now, I actually notice those things on my walk. 

I'm at peace. I'm breathing the fresh air. At work, I pick one meeting to take via phone & walk around our buildings. Even if people are sitting in the conference room, I swing by and say, "taking this one to the pavement!" I never thought of that until I ​had the challenge of a daily walk.

​Janice Watkins 

​Executive Director for Kaiser P


​What I love so much about my daily walk is the time with myself and nature. I feel so at peace during and after my walk. I look forward to it everyday.

​It's reminded me the power of creating momentum in our lives. ​Sometimes the simplest thing we can do in any moment is just walk forward. Walk forward from our limiting beliefs, from our past, from negativity and from anything that no longer serves us so we can create ​what will. Walking has taught me that alone time is how I fill my cup and get connected to my ​true self. It's taught me that no matter what's going on in or around me, I can always center myself by being present while walking fiercely forward into my future.

Ashley Johns
​Founder Fierce Forward

​Walking is man's best medicine." ~Hippocrates