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The Goop Podcast

Listening to podcasts has become a new hobby for me and this one had a message that I couldn’t stop thinking about, even weeks later. This life advice woke me up to something I hadn’t ever considered before. And every day since, I keep asking myself the same question Oprah did after hearing this boy’s dying words.

I was heading to New Orleans a couple weeks back and had a nine hour drive ahead of me. I decided to find a longer podcast to entertain me on the way and I found the Goop Podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve always loved her and when I saw the first episode, Gwyneth x Oprah: Power, perception & soul purpose, was with special guest, Oprah, I pressed play.


About five minutes into the interview, I was hooked. Oprah is just so wise. She mentally takes me from a to z in the matter of minutes. I love that about her. So I keep listening and taking mental notes and then she gets to this moment where she slows down her speaking and gets really serious. She primes us all for a story she is going to share that to this day, she lives by. It’s about a mother that was on her show years ago. This mother had a young son who was dying of cancer. I leaned into the speaker and turned the volume up.

Oprah continued, “The day he passed away, the mother climbed into bed with him, her head on his beating chest. As he took his final breath he whispered to his mom,

It’s so simple mom. It’s all so simple.

I stopped the recording. I wiped a tear that fell down my cheek (you seriously have to listen to this to get the full impact!) and just kept thinking about what that means to him.

I pressed rewind and played it through again.

To me, it makes me think how beautiful life really is and even though it’s painful sometimes, that that’s all a part of being human and that it’s a gift. All of it. It’s love. We’re all love. And when I can approach my life through my heart and my love lens, I see the truth behind everything. As much as I keep wondering what it really meant to that little boy, I can appreciate finding what I need to right now in his words.

I pressed play and Oprah said, “It’s true, we overcomplicate things all the time when it’s actually very simple. Life is so simple. And I ask myself now, ‘how am I making it more complicated than it needs to be? How can I slow down, pay attention and see the simplicity in things?'”

I continue to think about that little boy’s chosen words and how I can use it to live more effortlessly, more simply…closer to truth.

Listen to the podcast, click here.

Oprah’s favorite book ever

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The guiding principle Oprah lives by

The golden rule

My favorite line

“The power of me being able to move forward has been based on me paying attention.” ~Oprah

The subject I loved most: Focus on you

Oprah says, “There is no other competition other than with yourself. Focus on what you can do, because you can’t beat anyone at their race, you can only beat you at your own. Focus, focus, focus, focus on what it is you want, on what you can do. Do that better, to the very best of your ability.”

Most thought provoking topic: The Essence of You

What is the fullest, truest expression of myself? This is the question Oprah left me asking myself.

She said, “Being connected to the essence of yourself, to the source of your creation is like developing a spiritual muscle. And it doesn’t happen if you’re just running around all the time. You have to practice it. For me it’s a conscious working model to stay fully present here and now. If I’m at the sink, I’m putting a cup in the sink. If I’m there, I’m conscious of where I’m at and what I’m doing in the moment. Bathing is my hobby. I’m putting salts in the water. I’m aware of that, I’m fully just there. I’m just there.”

My overall review of The Goop Podcast

I never knew that Gwyneth was such a spiritual thinker. Aside from her voice being so soothing and reminds me of one of my favorite movies every time I think of her, Great Expectations, I think she’s a fabulous host in her podcast. She listens and chimes in when it’s relevant and overall, she really let’s the guest share their voice. I subscribed to her podcast knowing and loving the fact that she is a lifestyle brand based around wellness, spirituality and living your best life. I highly recommend it along with her website/blog Goop.

My 3 fave Podcasts

Right now I love these three: The Liberated Woman with Amber Chalus, The MFCEO Project with Andy Frisella & Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak.

  1. The Liberated Woman is great for any woman looking to deepen her connection to herself. It’s very spiritual-oriented with topics on self love, embracing yourself fully and becoming your own goddess!
  2. The MFCEO Project is more masculine with a main element of hustle and heart, never giving up and always working for whatever you want. Andy is a pretty hard-knock-no-bs kind of guy and I can appreciate that. He’s also worked super hard to get where he is, a quality I also admire in others.
  3. Coaching for Leaders is one of the first entrepreneurial podcasts I found when I started listening to podcasts late last year. (I know, I’m late to the party) Dave is a really stand up, kind family man who seems to have a heart of gold. He really wants his listeners to feel they are leaders in their work and in their own life first. For me, it’s offered alot of insight into new ways to be a leader within myself and in my business. I love learning about this topic of leadership and how to be a more effective one that serves to their highest level.


Do you listen to podcasts and if there’s one you swear by, comment it below, let’s put the hottest podcast list together!

Love & fierce,





Listen to the podcast, click here.


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    Hi Mel, I’m so glad this resonated with you. I think maybe we’re just aligned!!! xo

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    I seriously think you see into my mind, you seem to ALWAYS post exactly what I need, when i need it!! Bless you!!!