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The Best Rose Oil & The Benefits of Using Oil


When I first posted 11 Natural Ways to Use Coconut Oil, it got alot of response because with coconut oil, you can literally use it for almost anything. As much as I love and use coconut oil, I also love varying up my skin routine and using lotions, oils and products that have a one-of-a-kind smell! Finding a really good body oil that has been fermented with fruit, flowers & essential oils was no easy feat but on my summer travels in Boulder, I found her. I picked this oil up one day as I was wandering through Urban Outfitters (they have the best bath & body finds!). I knew the second I opened it up to see how it smelled, that this would be a scent I would not be able to leave home without. I have literally been using this oil every day and here is why:


  1. body oils keep the skin hydrated all day long, locking in moisture unlike body lotion that often rubs off
  2. when you take the time to massage the oil into your skin, you reduce stress, aches & pains
  3. if the oils are from flowers, leaves & natural materials, they have even greater effect on your skin
  4. the scent of the oil can effect your mood and enhance emotional well being



I have used this oil on my cuticles, nails, body, face & hair. It smells ridiculously good and for me, having that daily ritual of applying this happy, smell-so-good oil to my face, body and nails…it really makes me feel like I am taking care of myself each day. This specific oil is made with sweet apricots, rose and nurturing vitamin E and the fact that the little dried flowers float around in the bottle, just too cool for school. When I have put it in my hair (put a tiny dollop on ends after hair is dry), the scent follows me everywhere when my hair is down and it tames the ends. When I put it on my body & face, I usually notice it the most on my face, hands, forearms and chest as it leaves a youthful glow that I love!

I’m getting into oils and already have a stash of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils that I use for different things including bed time spray, stress relief and as an intention setting before each Yoga practice. Have you used essential oils and what is your favorite benefit of using them?




Urban Outfitters Multi-Use Oil  | Other oils

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