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The Happy List and How To Make One

Happy List: the song 32 Flavors coming on while getting ready this morning ? knee-high boots ? tomorrow is date night! ? Tuesday mornings coffee with mom ? my gram texting me affirmations each morning (she loves Emojis!) ? going to meet someone new today ? the leaves telling me it’s good to let go ? neon beads I’m entertaining for a new Collection ? getting snail mail & a hand painted art piece from a FF girl ? Axel and Leo nestled up together ? morning coffee runs ? planning thanksgiving games ? kale for lunch fast becoming a ritual! Honoring my long hair and wearing it down today ? doing what feels good ?
Do you have a happy list for today, this week or this month yet? Jot a quick note to yourself of the things you’re loving right now to practice gratitude. It’s easy to have a negative attitude or be bummed about the way the day is going or even your life but it’s WORTH IT to choose to turn it around in any moment and move it forward towards living fierce, being positive and being excited! And doing it NOW. NOW is always the right time and always the time available to you. The next time you feel any feelings of doubt, worry, fear, anger, confusion, sadness….turn that stuff on its backside and create what YOU DO WANT. Your moment will Change and so will your day. Keep focused on these good feelings and keep practicing gratitude by looking at and adding to your happy list!

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