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The Key To Being Positive

I think the key to being positive is leading with your heart. What are you happy about, what are you grateful for. What makes you swoon and smile hard. It’s easy to operate from a place of ego and its “heart”est to operate from a place of love but that’s why you first become self aware of which place you’re operating from then decide what you would rather feel and show up as in your life and then practice. Practice in moments, in days and eventually as a life long practice.
Practicing from your ego (which we do subconsciously which is why it’s easier) is: comparison, jealousy, anger, sadness, selfishness, entitlement, thinking things should be a different way than they are and so much more. Basically, a great way to measure if it’s ego based is to ask yourself if you are putting Love first. If not, you are in an egoic space.
Practicing from the heart is when you feel happy, positive, grateful, selfless, self love, empathy, care, trust, loyalty, love and anything where Love is at the center of your thoughts.
So remember when trying to practice positivity that you are going to have to do some heart work and that its not hard work…it’s HEART work. You can still sign up for the 30 day Positivity Challenge by signing up here!
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