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Sleep has always been a thing of great importance to me. I see my bed as my happy place, where I can retreat and recharge and if you have ever traveled with me, you know how important my pillows are to me: I take my body and head pillow with me on any road trip! I aligned with Lacy & Chrissy, Creators of The Right Pillow, on social media and after chatting “the perfect night’s rest” and some other fierce entrepreneurial things, I decided to try their Right Pillow out. I’ve done reviews before and while I find it valuable to give feedback about a product through and through, I wanted to spin this a different way, one that will grab any woman by the shoulders and push them forward! This pillow began with an idea and one from two women who put their heads and hearts together and ran with it, so that they may bring a better night’s rest to other humans. How cool is that! You will read all about the pillow and will be inspired through our personal Interview below.

What’s more, Lacy & Chrissy are giving our Fierce Community 15% off with code: FIERCE by visiting their website here.

Lacy & Chrissy!! I am so excited to Interview you and to inspire other women to Fierce Forward with their ideas, just as you both have.

  1. How did you come up with the idea to create the right pillow? What inspired the idea?

Chrissy:  Seven years ago this March, The Right Pillow’s inspiration came from a pain, in the neck, literally.  Actually, necessity IS the mother of invention.  For year’s I was a stomach and side sleeper, and I would wake with horrible neck pain from laying face-down on the mattress.  After countless trips to the chiropractor, he suggested that I change my sleep habit to back sleeping.  Not an easy thing to do, when you’re a dedicated stomach and side sleeper.  In fact only about 11-15% of the population naturally sleeps on their back (according to National Sleep Foundation).  I prayed and meditated for peaceful nights of sleeping on my back until it came to me in a dream when we were on vacation in the mountains— the design, the name of The Right Pillow and the core pillars of the business, those being:  all natural and if possible, organic and made in America.

I raced home, picked up 2 store bought “organic” pillows and took the sketch to my seamstress.  She turned it around in a couple days and I had a prototype!  I slept on that model for years knowing that it would go through some modifications as time went on.  I quietly waited while market conditions changed.  We went through the Great Recession– not a time to launch an organic, made -in- America sleep essential!

It was the Summer of 2014 when I shared The Right Pillow with Lacy.  She loved it and saw the need for it right away.  In the last 18 months we’ve taken a prototype through the ugly stages to the current day form, found manufacturing in our own backyard (Seattle!!), have launched an e-commerce website, have been featured in several publications including Green Living AZ Magazine, Organic Magazine, Operating Room Today and Mrs. Greens World, have a contract with a local hospital, speaking on a radio show blog and have the interest of hotels, aestheticians, chiropractors and anyone looking to improve their sleep essentials.

The Right Pillow’s foundation is based on healthy sleep because Better Nights Mean Better Days.  For everyone.  Sleep is the last untapped frontier.  We’ve investigated water, produce, poultry, dairy, organic, GMO, etc.  Why wouldn’t we investigate the our sleep essentials and invest in organic products.  We spend 30% of our life in bed, with our mouth so close to pillows, mattresses and bed linens.  We owe it to ourselves to sleep on products that are natural and not chemically treated.

Today I am happily a back sleeper that occasionally ventures over to the dark side.  But that’s ok, because The Right Pillow supports head, neck and shoulders no matter what the sleeping position.  And the best part…it’s customizable, so that YOU, the sleeper control the amount of fill in your pillow.  Each pillow has a side zipper that allows easy access to remove or add wool or latex fill.  But we stuff with plenty, so you really won’t need any more.

Each pillow comes with a custom fitted pillow case and because the materials are organic— wool fill and latex, they are naturally anti microbial and dust mite resistant.  This means no icky allergens will be living in your pillow…. hence a longer pillow life!


Lacy & Chrissy

2. How long did it take you to create the product and were there any challenges along the way?

Lacy: The Right Pillow has evolved several times to get where it is today…and may continue to evolve. There are always challenges, lessons and a little bit of heart-ache. These things are all part of what makes us stronger, better and more grounded in our mission to revolutionize sleep essentials and create a better world as a result. We believe that these challenges, rejections and adjustments that we have to make are all part of the plan that the Universe has for us. We usually end up laughing super hard about things as we move through them, thankfully together as a #DreamTeam!

3. It has been one of my biggest loves of my Life to be a Entrepreneur! What is your favorite thing about being a Entrepreneur?

Lacy: I think that it is a combination of things that really drive the flow of energy for me. First, I will say, I love the feeling of creating and sharing energy with Chrissy. She is such a compliment to the way I think and am, as a person, mother and business woman. So, I couldn’t be any more blessed in our partnership and friendship. Being a Entrepreneur, to me, means really bringing it ALL. All of the good, the bad, the ugly and the MUST-have to the table, cutting it up and creating magic. It is about the freedom and independence to be the change we want to see; the power to change our ripple effect and create a vibration that brings out goodness. It’s about late nights and early calls. It’s about all of the work that we do having meaning and overflowing with passion. I mean, yes, we are an organic pillow company at the bare basics, but we are really more than that. We are strong women, moms, environmentalists and business minded role models to our daughters and, hopefully, to others. We try to inspire healthy living and mindfulness in all we do- because we know that better nights mean better days and better days mean a better planet. It’s got to work for the planet and all of it’s inhabitants- people and animals, or it just isn’t heart centered for us.

4. What is your best piece of advice to someone who has a calling to help the World in some way or to build on their idea of Vision?

Lacy: Just do it. Stop it with the fear. You got this thing, what ever “this thing” is for you. Be your own inspiration and never give up. Ever. Never ever let the fear in…rejection is protection and haters gonna hate- but lovers gonna love, too! Never ever give up because you are worth your dreams.

Girls, I loved our Coffee Chat Interview and felt like we truly were sitting down together. I hope our fierce girls read this and are inspired and empowered to go after what they want in this Life, to work hard and to never, ever give up.


IMG_9766What I love about this pillow is that it truly encompasses your entire neck region and, being a side sleeper, I can easily toss over and not have to pull my pillow closer in, but that the pillow is already there, ready for that turn. Don’t forget you get a discount of 15% off with code: FIERCE by visiting their website here.

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