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The Sonoma Retreat

This past week, I got to spend three days in Sonoma with six amazing women. I always seem to walk into each Fierce Forward Retreat a little anxious that the girls will have the experience they are hoping for. While much is in my control like the space and location I choose, the food, the activities and the roadmap for which the time will flow, I have learned to be as open as I can to the possibilities that present themselves in this time together. By doing so, we were able to experience an offering from one of the girls who had just been to Thailand where she completed a Walk of Intention in a prayer labyrinth. We also got to know the owner, Ted, who gave us many though provoking talks that we coined, Ted Talks. It was just a beautiful experience and one that I realized, I too, needed for me.

I’m excited to share in the near future, a private account of how a couple of the women experienced this Fierce Forward Retreat, through their eyes.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the place we stayed in Sonoma (the Westerbeke Ranch) and some of my favorite moments:

Dancing the first day to Meagan’s workout and letting it all go ♥ Our vulnerability talk on what we are most insecure about in our lives and sharing hugs with one another, seeing we are all the same ♥ Jule’s special artwork she gave everyone ♥ Coaching the girls for my first in-person coaching, so magical ♥ Hearing the girls dream big and work on a roadmap to it ♥ All the food and coffee chats ♥ Taking car selfies with the girls feeling exceptionally wine happy ♥ the little moments I witnessed as I watched the girls connecting ♥ Yoga and savasana for the girls ♥ the last night we sat in the cabin listening to Jimmy Buffet and the gifts Sally and Steph got each of us that sealed so beautifully the end of our time together

All photos taken by me at Westerbeke Ranch in 2017


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    This looks and sounds like such a beautiful experience by all that were there. I was so hoping that I could attend but I know that I will in the future. Everything we need in life happens when it should, right? I recall the connection I felt with you back probably 5 years ago when I friend tagged or mentioned you in a post. I believe you were training for your first bikini competition and were deciding on a suit to wear. I loved both suits and make a comment on your wall and we were FF friends ever since. I continued to be your FF sister following your journey and being amazed by the tribe and things you shared….your first competition, your first personal training online me being a customer, your first armor released-yes purpose and passion were mine, your first sisterhood of the traveling journal, your gift exchanges, your connection with the Arnold, book clubs like How to Be A BadAss and the Secret, your first retreats, etc. I am not sure I can name all the amazing things you have done but I know that you set the trend. I watched others try to do this same things. Some things worked, some failed. But I want you to see YOU created that and many women leearned from you and followed their dreams. You helped them. As my mom taught me, she said when others try to follow or mimic you, that means you have done well, you created and lead the way. You helped, you served that purpose. I watched some of your struggles and challenges and although I do not know them all, this is my opinion based on what I see. I want to THANK YOU for all that you do. You rock!!! <3