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A few of my favorite things


I’ve had a major candle craving lately along with a heavy amount of self care and this candle pictured above is one of the best smelling candles that smells like a spice pot from childhood my mom used to put on the stove to smell the whole house up. You know when the smell of something takes you to another time in your life, that’s this candle and it’s amazing. This new series, These are a few of my favorite things, is inspired by something I’m focusing on right now: taking notice of the little things in my life. It’s a way I can practice gratitude and remember the things that I have and love and to use them more. Each one has a story just like your favorite things. I’m also sharing items I find that are the same or similar in case you want to know where they’re from or you want to put it on your christmas list! Can you believe Christmas is only 2 months away. How time flies. Have a great weekend babe!


  1. Druzy Ring similar here. See the story of this ring below.
  2. Cute Christmas cards, similar here. I can’t wait to send cards!
  3. Kiehl’s Lip balm in pear. I wear this every night to bed.
  4. Figue du foret parfum. I spray this on my down comforter each night. It smells like fresh flowers and makes me happy.
  5. Paddywax candles hereThe most amazing smell ever. They burn about 6 hours.

My stepdad, Matt, got me this carved wooden box this past Christmas. He said he found it at an antique store and he thought I’d like it. He was right. I keep my special rings here.

 My mom got me this blue druzy ring for my birthday last year. I opened it up and she said, “I saw it and thought, this is Ash! It just sparkles like you Ash.” I’ll never forget that. It means alot to me to wear this ring and be reminded of her kind spirit.


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