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This Week

This past week kicked off the first Wanderlust Yoga Festival of the season in New Orleans. (what a place!) Today I’m packing my bags and heading to Dallas for another one day festival. It’s funny where things in our life take us. I remember three years ago making my first Career Vision Board, I put it away and found it before our big move to Texas last year. I had pictures of a car, an open road and the words: travel, adventure, see the world, make a difference, have fun. So maybe it’s not so much about where things take us, but where can take ourselves when we see what we truly want and we’re open to possibility.

I’m also celebrating recommitting to blogging, this being my second post! I wanted to write more, create more and share more and have a place to do so that isn’t just a social media update but somewhere I’m building a home. So much more to come. In the meant time, I’d love to hear from you, what topics would you love to learn and know more of?

Have a great weekend! Ashley

My new favorite flower, Reniculas

Fitting into these jeans for the first time in three years.

Orange-red is the new black. This color makes me feel like being bold(er)!

A great motto to stay positive: good things are coming, girl!

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