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This Week’s Inspiration


Things that have been inspiring me this week have been my more recent time on Pinterest in the morning, pinning and getting inspired to create a new Vision for myself. In less than two weeks, I will be taking a two week trip across the country. I will be road tripping it with a friend to Boulder and then back to Vermont for Yoga Festivals. In road trips and traveling I find three things: Adventure, Fun & Freedom. I will share photos from the road. Here are all the things that have been inspiring me this week.


miranda kerr red dress

  1. A New Vision Board: This week, I created a new Vision Board and it is giant-sized, above my computer for me to see every day! I have created a Challenge for our Tribe, you can take part in this Challenge (I’m sure you can guess what the Challenge is!) here.


2. New Friends: I got interviewed by the lovely Amy Braido of Raising the Bar, a Podcast devoted to inspiring and empowering people to move forward. In our 45 minute session, we got deep about my past, the very moment I hit rock bottom and looked in the mirror and decided, that I would Fierce Forward. The time flew and we are planning more podcasts together, directed at the WHY and HOW of moving fiercely forward in your Life. It goes LIVE at 1pm EST & 10am CST today. Listen here or bookmark for a later time!

3. Music: I have been reconnecting to music this past few months, more so than ever before. I listen to it while on trail walks, while on the stairmill pounding out 60 minutes and while writing. This song I found this week and I can not stop listening to it, to her, to her voice…it is powerful. My favorite part, “And if the Lion roars, would you not listen.” Listen to the lyrics. Music can soothe our aching hearts, it can reconnect us to the emotions we push far in the back and let them out, like a Lion’s Roar. Above is Strong by London Grammar.
“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.”
I wish you a beautiful rest of your week and wonder what song lately, goes straight to your heart.