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Your thoughts will either paralyze you or catapult you!



Your thoughts will either paralyze you or catapult you.

This morning during my workout I looked in the mirror and thought about how far I have to go and how I didn’t get dealt a good hand when it comes to my metabolism and how it will never be like the first time I lost weight and how it sucks I have thyroid issues (and the train of torture kept on…). It started to paralyze me and suddenly the last thing I wanted to do was keep working out.

Negative thoughts slow us down, halt progress and sabotage our mind, body and spirit. And overall, our forward movement in all three areas. You see that as soon as I turned to blame, what hand I was actually being dealt was “victim-hood” and I was dealing it. In any moment you have two options: you can live in the past, in blame, in faulting, in whoa-is-me, in anger, in victim hood, or, you can move forward. And you do that by taking responsibility for every part of your life. Every single part: your thoughts, your goals, your actions, your inaction, your choices, everything you do and do not do.

I knew that I had two choices standing there in front of the mirror, headed down the rabbit hole. I could choose to continue with the thoughts that paralyze me or I could choose to move forward with thoughts that CATAPULT me.

It’s up to you to pull yourself out of the different roles you play that do not support your fiercest self and rise up to the lead role you were meant to play. Fierce, unstoppable, strong, resilient and a warrior of self responsibility. Stop doubting yourself ✨work hard ✨ and make it happen!

What most resonated for you in the story above, and, are you playing your lead role?









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    Thank you for pushing forward everyday and for being such an inspiration and example to women like me. Your words are so helpful and encouraging!