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That Time I Was Told I Wasn’t Fit Enough


I took this photo on location in Arizona for a Fitness Model Retreat in 2013. I was a size 6 here and wouldn’t even eat a strawberry for it was a “carb”. I remember standing there, next to the other girls, all in our tiny swim suits and as the sun reflected onto the background, the photographer called everyone to the spot to be photographed individually. When I got there, he said, you aren’t fit enough to be in the bright light…sorry.

I thought about it for a minute and then I chose to lift my chin, put on my clothes and know that this is not my path. I started paving my own path that LIFTED ME UP and supported me and I defined that being Fierce to me, is not a size, it is not being prettier or more fit than the other girls or being smarter or anything like that…being Fierce is following my heart, being who I am and always remaining true to that.

We go through challenges because we are meant to be challenged. No matter how hard it gets, how much you feel kicked to the ground by life, remember that everything that comes our way, IS meant for us. Challenge is our teacher. To stop learning is to stop growing. And living is growing. Surrender to the tough times, to the times you feel you aren’t enough, you aren’t good enough, you could be better and LET IT MAKE YOU STRONGER. Looking back, I’m so grateful that he said that to me, because it was the start of a decision to start loving myself instead of trying to prove myself to the world. It all starts there and always…comes back to there.

And PS> I don’t care so much anymore about standing in that bright light, because I decided long ago that…I AM THE LIGHT and everyone can have some of mine.

Love and Fierce, 


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