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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about traveling it’s that the best carry-on you can take with you is a positive attitude, that is, if you want to travel like a boss! The deal with traveling is that all of us are just trying to reach our destination on time and the fact of the matter is, traveling most often doesn’t go according to our plans. If you travel alot you’ll definitely understand what I mean by this and if you’re just starting to travel or have traveling in your future, you’ll learn through experience. However, the best place to start is by knowing where you want to go. Then it will definitely be in your best interests to look for Good Places to Live so you can get a better idea on what the cost of living is like and that you know exactly where you’re going once you’re in the country or city that you’re visiting. But take it from me and hear me out so you can learn faster and be more well equipped for traveling like a boss. For the past five years, I’ve been on more planes and visited more places than I have the thirty one years before that! I love traveling. When I retire I will be getting a reverse mortgage in order to see the other parts of the world that remain a mystery to me. The world will be my oyster at last! One time coming back from Peru, my departing plane backed up into another plane as it was leaving the terminal. We all de-boarded. Fifty dollars in food vouchers, alot of angry people and twelve hours later, we got on another plane to head to our destination. Another time, as we were waiting to leave the terminal, a woman decided that she wanted to get off the plane. This created a massive concern across the board as you can imagine, as it raised concern why she would want to leave the plane. It became a security issue so we all de-boarded and six hours later got on a new flight. The jist is that traveling is one hundred percent out of your control but the one that that is in your control is the traveler you decide to be!The one thing that is in your control is the traveler you decide to be! And with that and my most recent trip to Lake Tahoe being such a breeze (sometimes you get really lucky!), I was inspired to share how I’ve learned to become a positive, pro-active traveler which has led me to travel like a boss. Who wouldn’t want to travel that way, right! I’m sharing my top 3 tips for traveling like a boss and my favorite carry-on essentials that keep me fresh and inspired the whole way through. You can implement these tips in transit and even better, in life. Enjoy!

Tips for traveling like a boss

tip 1 have a positive attitude

Have a positive attitude. This is the most important tip! Traveling is a lot like life. You might think you’re in control but you’re really not. Control is an illusion when it comes to circumstances outside of ourselves. The biggest and most real thing you can be in control of is your attitude when traveling (and in life!). And if you have a good one, you’ll be golden. Let’s just hashtag that baby #goldenattitude tip 2 just flow with it As Bruce Lee always said, “Be like water.” Always remember that everyone’s doing their best and to be as go with the flow as possible. If something goes wrong, it’s better to flow with the tide instead of fighting against the current. There’s nothing good that comes from fighting upstream when it comes to traveling. We all know that one guy who’s so upset they’re yelling at the desk attendant (yes, that one). Have you ever noticed how that person usually walks away still peeved? They didn’t get anything for fighting upstream, being a big cry baby and being mean to someone who has nothing to do with why they’re upset. Case in point: be like water and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. tip 3 use your time wisely Use the down time to your advantage. There’s a lot of down time when in transit so I say, USE IT! Bring a book you’ve been wanting to read, bring your journal and jot down your travels, write a blog post, do research on something you’re passionate about. You get the drift! Don’t just kill time with distractions, do things that fill your cup and feed your spirt. When you use your time for good, you’ll have a good time.

Carry on essentials to stay fresh & inspired on your trip

weleda hand cream for travel carry on Listen, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t feel good while doing so! You should feel fresh, revived and even inspired to keep up good appearance. Why? Because it feels good. I know the times I’ve worn pajama-esque attire during travel, I feel like a pair of pajamas: droopy and tired. So my favorite way to combat this is wear a comfortable, yet stylish outfit that makes me still feel like me and take with me my favorite beauty carry-ons. You’d be surprised how much a little cream blush can go a long way.

  1. Hand Cream. Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream is my absolute favorite! When you fly, the cabin is pressurized and y its very common to become dehydrated so I’ve found having a go-to hand cream is super helpful (tip: drink lots of water). Not only does it keep your hands super soft and hydrated, it’s packed with tons of vitamins and promises a moisture-boost. Don’t worry, these are under 3 ounces and perfect for carry on.
  2. Blush Cream. Sephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel because having a little color on your face makes you feel good. During flight or a layover, blush those cheeks up with a little dot of this.
  3. Toner. Claudalie Toner Elixir provides an instant burst of radiance! It really does. I love spraying this on my face (with or without makeup) because it instantly adds a boost of hydration when alot of times during travel you feel anything but radiant.

cheek tint for travel caudalie beauty elixir Fierce Forward Beauty Essentials for travel Don’t underestimate the power of rocking style even while you’re traveling. There’s nothing better than feeling put together and a big part of that are the accessories you wear. My go-to’s are always a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring and my intention bracelets! No matter where you go, take your intention with you, it makes a huge difference in your day! jewelry list for travel This about sums everything up for traveling like a boss. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Do you travel often? What is your favorite takeaway that you’re going to use for your next trip?! Comment below. xo, ash signature Other travel posts you’ll love: Travel Abroard Essentials + What’s In My Travel Bag

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