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How To Make Your Own Motivational Gallon Water Jug

Water is one of the most important substances of life, your body being made up of 80% water. If you went just 3 days without water, you will perish and die. I used to wake up and drink a half pot of coffee before taking my first sip of water, around 11am. There were other times before becoming a coffee drinker that I would drink coke the whole day, barely drinking water at all. It’s no wonder I didn’t always feel my best when I lived my days like this, because I wasn’t hydrated.


Why have a water goal every day?

Just like going to the gym, stress management, relaxation, love and happiness are all important aspects that determine how we feel in our bodies and lives, so is water. It took me getting to an unhealthy place in my life that gave me a swift kick in the butt to make some major changes. So why drink water? Aside from the fact you probably already know the importance, if you are curious, here is a great article by Clark Bartram that will give you those answers.


Create a motivational water jug

When I first began taking care of my health, one of the challenges I faced was how difficult it was to drink a gallon of water daily. It honestly felt like a habit I wasn’t sure I could figure out and keep up with each day. Until I decided that I would just call it a part time job and do my best every single day to finish the job! And that’s just what changed the game for me, declaring it as a part time job. It gave me a purpose and a goal and a job to do each day. It reminded me that my health is important enough to me to do these daily little part time jobs that would eventually turn into a habit.

And one day I did something that motivated this goal even further, I put measured marks of completion and affirmations on the jug itself. This helped to show me the progress I was making with each few sips that passed.


You can put any affirmation or reminder on your gallon jug! And maybe it changes each month and you put a quote or your mantra for the month on your disposable jug. It’s yours to do whatever is best for you! And if you’re worried about people seeing your goal or affirmations on your jug at the gym or at work, my advice to you is to say these two words, “Screw it.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or thinks of what you are doing if what you are doing is helping you. It will be a good exercise in caring less by being bold.

  1. Get a gallon water jug or even a water bottle that you’ll drink so many times to complete a half or full gallon each day. If you are concerned by the taste of your water then you may want to visit https://waterfilterway.com/best-filtered-water-bottle-reviews/ to find out more on filtered water bottles.
  2. Use sharpees for your benchmarks on the jug
  3. Create your benchmarks that motivate you to keep going. These can also be affirmations or anything that will remind you to complete your water each day!
  4. Use it daily and complete your goal each day


I’d love to hear from you, are you ready to go create your jug?



Water recommendations

*I recommend a gallon if you are physically active and if you are just beginning a daily water goal or do not work out, begin with half a gallon or 8, 8 ounce bottles. You can find Mayo Clinic’s daily water recommendations here.



Cheers to your health and to Fiercing Forward! xo, Ashley


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