Coaching with Ashley Johns



I am so excited to introduce the Fierce Forward VIP Coaching Group! VIP stands for Very Intentional Powerhouses. This elite group of powerful women are the movers, the shakers and the doers seriously committed to transforming their lives and crushing goals! Scroll down to join the Community page!





Certified Life & Goal Coach, Ashley Johns guides you each month to learning and putting into action the tools, homework and challenges that will transform you and your life.

My journey to Fiercing Forward & why I want to help you:

I have spent the past 8 years of my life saying hell yes to moving fiercely forward and learning how to have courage in the face of fear, to know that life is now and to choose to take the best care of the soul that is me. We must first be of service to ourselves, before we can be of service to the world and let me tell you right now, you require this self love so that you can live your best life and to be able to move forward fiercely. I spent most of my life running away from moving forward and letting life run me, only to wake up to find I was just existing. There is a difference between existing and really living. And that moment that I came face to face with my self, I knew that I had a choice to continue running away or I could step up to the plate and live this life for me. I chose to move forward for me. Ever since that day, my life has changed. I fiercely believe that life is limitless, that you are limitless, that with a openness to possibility and your heart leading the way, that you can have whatever you want in this life. It all starts with one decision…to move fiercely forward for you.

Right now, I’m calling on all of the change-makers, the heart-workers and the truth tellers that are going to jump on this ship and leave harbor with me, to go live their Fierce! Whether you think you are ready for this or not, I believe that it is not a matter of being ready for something, but being open to moving in the way your heart guides you. When you are fearful of moving forward, that is your arrow, pointing you to where you truly are being called to go. Shift your fear to faith and do this for you. Life is too short to keep making excuses, to keep staying in your comfortable turtle shell and to be missing out on all that is limitless in this world! I got your back and am here to show you that you can create your fiercest possible, dream life and the one thing it begins and remains with, is you.





+ Exclusive VIP private facebook group

+ Coaching videos

+ Monthly Challenges with accountability

+ Special VIP Powerhouse Buddy

+ Exclusive VIP Worksheets & Trackers to keep you focused on your goals

+ Connect with other powerhouses, doing big things!