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Re-becoming a Blogger, The Girls In Our Lives & Being Sunshine



Happy Friday ya’ll!

I’m currently sniffling through a minor cold (nothing that a positive mindset and turmeric can’t help!) and putting off packing for our trip tomorrow. We’re headed to Florida for a family vacation. I’ve already looked up yoga on the beach and can’t wait to be in the sunshine on the beach. Even though Austin has pretty amazing weather year round, cacti and palm trees, it always feels different going somewhere you don’t live.

Mark and I debated whether or not we would take our work with us since we have a big deal with Wanderlust due the middle of this month. We’re creating their Loyalty Bracelet for their festivals and we’re three quarters of the way to finishing. I’m so proud of us. Moving has really helped us become an even stronger team. I look over at night and Mark’s got his lefty glove on while he’s charming bracelets and I just think how lucky I am to have such a strong man that supports everything I do. I definitely kissed alot of frogs and chose to become my own queen to then find him. It’s always worth the wait girls!

This week I started blogging again. Having a home base and writing again, has been an outlet for me that’s authentic to my life. I get to create content I’m excited about. After sharing The Glow Tonic in a live facebook video yesterday and connecting with so many of you, I feel so excited to continue creating and sharing more ways to help you Fierce Forward in your life!

making banana bread

Monday morning I went to yoga at 9am where I got the coolest takeaway. Our teacher said, “Know when to turn the off button on.” As I continued my flow, I took a mental note of this. I always do that and then when I get in my car I’ll put it in my notes titled Yoga Lessons. Its a great way to remember something special to have for later.

After yoga I headed back to my aunt’s house to tie Wanderlust bracelets. She gave me a piece of her gluten free banana bread she made and I literally dropped my jaw it was that good. Which means, I’m sharing it with you next week! And for a special twist, it has nutella swirl in it.

quote that keeps following meDo you ever have quotes, words or messages that keep following you for days straight?

Two things lately have been following me: the word sunshine and all it’s counterparts like joy, energy, ray, light, glow + the idea of letting go and surrendering to old ways of thinking and believing.

It’s an interesting thing that happens when you start to let the silt in your cup settle. I mean when you stop and listen, when you get more quiet, when you take more down time, when you do more yoga and focus on your breath…the real messages that need to find you actually find you and it becomes much more obvious. When your silt is creating dirty water, you can’t see clearly. And it’s just really cool to feel this happening. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt peace.

I’ll talk more about this later I’m sure. It’s just starting to come into my life.

ash holding jamuThis week was focused on sharing my favorite wellness drink that I recently discovered. I legit am in love with it. It’s kind of had this power to bring me back to asking myself how I’m nourishing and caring for my body nutrition wise. Aside from the electric orange-yellow color it is has that reminds me of sunshine, making it is a pure act of joy and self love. Maybe it’s just how I’ve built a routine around it. I turn on stevie nicks, light a candle and take my time knowing that I’m doing something good for me.

You can read more and get the Glow Tonic recipe here.

cacti blooming

I visited the coolest cacti farm this week. I wanted everything but opted for taking photos instead. We start our search for a new home in May so I’m not pulling the trigger on any new purchases like plants until we settle in and I know what I’m looking for. But I have to say, this is one of the most beautiful cacti I’ve ever seen. I love that it blooms.

jules and ashley

Last weekend some of the girls who met through Fierce Forward came to Austin. I got to hang with them and we danced til the wee hours of the morning, hit up my favorite Mexican restaurant in Austin (Matt’s Famous El Rancho) and I even got to watch two of them as they got a Fierce Forward logo tattoo. Hearing what it means to them melts my heart and makes me so appreciative of how this message has poured so much farther than I ever thought it could.

evil eyes stacked up

This is right outside our current home space. It’s where I go outside for 15 minutes per day to catch some rays. With the new release of the Small And Fierce bracelets this week, I’ve been stacking my evil eyes up since I first made them about a month ago. This arm candy reminds me to not only watch the energy I surround myself with but to also be mindful (even more so!) of my own energy I have within myself. We always have so much going on in our heads: thoughts, beliefs and stories. We can sometimes be our own worst enemy.

Keep those thoughts high and bright!

you glow quote

Working on a new way of doing quotes! I loved this image and fierce reminder.

do it for you quote

I recently took a Pinterest Course and have spent a large part of the week reorganizing, rebranding and re-boarding everything around to fit my vision for the Fierce Forward joyful girl.

Are you on Pinterest? I’m spending alot of time there and putting some major vibes out for you, follow me there!

girls together at Matt's Famous El Rancho

When I went to Wanderlust Festival in Dallas two weekends ago, I was setting up my tent and leaned over to meet these amazing girls. The day was sort of a bust in the way of weather. It was so crazy our tents were literally blowing up from the ground. But we persisted and brought the fierce energy! We even got to know each other during those 8 hours our tents side by side.

We exchanged numbers when we found out we all live in Austin and I got an invite to come hang with them last Sunday for a movie and dinner at…would you guess it…Matt’s Famous El Rancho! (I was stoked for more than one reason)

I was so lucky to sit with these girls and instantly feel such a strong connection with them. After dinner we went to see I Feel Pretty, a must see in my book. The message is strong and one we all need to hear and live by as women.

I’m excited to hang more with these sweet & fierce girls.

Ok, I have put packing off long enough and I think it’s time for some more vicks on my nose. Have a great weekend you guys, I’ll be posting from Ft. Myers Beach the next week, hoping to add some sunshine to your feeds!



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    Ruth, you are the sweetest! Thank you for walking this fierce path right alongside me. I’m so glad you found your way to Fierce Forward babe. Much love and glow to you<3

  2. Avatar

    I just love that you share your heart so eloquently, Ashley. I always get “something” positive from your posts. Xoxo