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7 Empowering Lessons I Learned From Wanderlust Yoga Festival

Putting the rental car in drive last week, I couldn’t have known just how impactful the next seven days were going to be. All I knew was I was ready for a road trip and couldn’t wait to spread the fierce.

Every year for the past four years I’ve attended Wanderlust Yoga Festivals. Though not as an attendee, as a vendor representing Fierce Forward Jewelry. What started as me making it into one festival by the skin of my teeth (wanderlust has high demand for vendorship), has blossomed into an amazing partnership where I get to travel across America spreading the fierce for the entire festival season with Wanderlust!

And stoking the fire of rad-ness even more, the past two years I’ve been a brand partner with Wanderlust, hand making 6500 of their loyalty bracelets for their welcome bags they give out at each festival.

It’s a pretty fun job and I’m super grateful to be able to get to travel and connect with so many cool people along the way.

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Sometimes what I forget before each festival season starts is how much I grow and take away from every festival. I want to share these because they’ve left an imprint on my heart and I’m changing the way I’m showing up each day and that’s a powerful thing. One, two or all of these may leave an impression on you and be just the little nugget you needed to read today to remind you to continue your self growth journey and to never give up.

Over the next couple months I’ll be traveling to 6 more Wanderlust Festivals including:

  • Stratton, Vermont June 20-23
  • Squaw Valley, California July 18-21
  • Denver, Colorado August 10 & 11
  • Boston, Massachusetts August 17 & 18
  • Chicago, Illinois September 14-15
  • Philly September 21

If you love adventure and you’re looking for something new to explore check out all the Wanderlust events here. Grab some girlfriends and just go! Life’s short babe, do it now.


What I learned from Wanderlust Yoga Festival | Snowshoe 2019

The theme for this 6 days was grounded in letting go. Letting go of old stories that no longer serve my forward movement and my highest good. And from there, knowing I have the power to create new ones that propel me into my truest expression of my self.

1. The only way to truly move forward is to let go of your old stories & create new ones.

I’ve found myself looking in the rear-view mirror far too often. Trying to figure it out, understand why that thing happened and keeping a tight grip on something I somehow try to control. As if I could go back in time and reverse the outcome. Truth is, the only outcome we can change from past experience is what we decide to do with it. Continue looking back or fix our gaze into our present and future with a stronger spirit than before. Accepting and embracing our past and choosing to take with us the lessons in how it made us grow as a person is the best choice we can make. From here, we can create a new story for ourselves. One that moves us forward and in, towards our truest self.

2. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Progress over perfection everyday, in every way.

Ahhh, my little tendencies towards perfection. When I’m always trying to perfect everything to this pie in the sky version of an outcome, I never quite make it. Always coming up short isn’t just exhausting, it’s a trap, always reaching for more. Spinning your wheels only to never reach that perfect idea. I had to rewrite what moving forward towards my goals means to me and how I’d do it in a new way that serves me. Now, it’s about grounding down into each baby step that provides progress one step at a time. It feels so good to have a new relationship with my forward movement.

3. Don’t get caught up in judging your own stuff.

Gut punch. Judging myself against past accomplishments. Against other girls. Against my younger self. Yada yada yada. I needed to hear this to remember that our self talk is how we develop a relationship with ourself. If we’re constantly judging ourselves, how can we possibly be loving ourselves? We can’t do both at the same time. Judgement comes from our shadow voice, always needing to stack one thing against another to prove what’s better.

I don’t want to continue wearing that story in everything I do and don’t do, in everything I am and may not be. I want to choose to have grace with myself. Acceptance and love. So yah, don’t get caught up in judging your own stuff. It’s a rabbit hole headed nowhere good.


4. Be in the daily practice of upgrading your inner state.

So simple. It’s a choice to be in training of growth and progress in our selves and our lives. To choose to show up in the baby-est of a moment and do the harder thing by resisting old ways that don’t serve your highest good. It’s super simple: it’s a practice and one you choose to show up for daily.

5. Feeling separate, insufficient, flawed and not enough is an old, tired story. What new story will you create?

Can you imagine how good…how FREEING…it would feel to just let go of your old story that keeps you down and bound to what you aren’t? To be in creation of a new story that propels you into possibility…that’s my aim is now. Our old stories are like wearing horse blinders and creating new stories is like opening our world to love and abundance. Anything’s possible! The windshield is so much bigger than the rear view mirror. You can’t look in both at the same time.

6. We can train to be the change we wish to see in the world.

There’s alot of things I wish were different in the world and the best we can do with these desires for change is to create them in our own world first. I think of how I wish women would be kinder to one another and look less at each other as competition or something that makes you feel insufficient in some way and let other women be a source of inspiration, co-creation and love. So I can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen, I’ve gotta choose to be the change. I like to follow this idea: whatever you wish there was more of in your life or the world, BE THAT. Then suddenly, there is more of that.



7. Peace comes when we let go of grasping.

How many times do you grasp onto an outcome each day? Hoping, wishing and needing something to go a certain way…your way…otherwise everything will just suck. You feel me on this? I do it ALL THE TIME. Sitting in this lecture hearing Steve share this final nugget of wisdom, I thought of how I was sitting there in that very moment he whispered those words, wondering if the day would be nicer so more people would come into the booth. Grasping onto an outcome, which pulled my presence out of the moment and into a future that hadn’t even happened yet. I stopped and asked myself, “What am I grasping? And why am I grasping this?” I realized I was grasping at the weather being nice so people would come to see the ff jewelry and the reason I was grasping that was because I feared losing all the time and energy it took to get to the festival. Ultimately, I feared losing money.

This then opened my eyes to the fact that because I was grasping at this fear, I was being pulled away from my true purpose which is to be of service to others. To connect, share and find other people what they might need at this season in their lives. To help them move forward. I realized how powerful grasping onto a desired outcome can be. And how it can take us away from the true spirit of why we’re really doing something. It keeps us in fear when we grasp. When we ask, “What am I grasping? And why am I grasping this?” This practice can bring us back to love, truth and peace.


Images by my friend Keri Sackowski


When I create lists of lessons or ways to grow, I always like to suggest to just choose one today. Remember, progress over perfection. And choose your one thing that most resonated with you right now. It’s a little gem from the universe, speaking to you to get your attention to notice it. Now that you’ve noticed it, practice it today in everything you do. Keep coming back to it. I’m super curious, which lesson are you taking with you today?

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