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What’s Inspiring Me This Week

If you didn’t see Lady Gaga perform at the Super Bowl, watch it stat! She is one hard-working woman who inspires through and through. She is kind, generous, passionate and follows her heart. The article interviewing her in Bazaar’s latest issue is one I’m keeping as it gave me goosebumps reading her passion for being yourself, for the inspiration for her new album and for the beauty of being a woman. Some other things inspiring me are this bag one of the girls, Rebecca, in the Fierce Tribe had made + finding skinny metal picture frames in a storage container and putting them to use + these Teysha boots that never get old + this bird emblem that’s inspiring a new Collection + this book that I will be starting this weekend.

Fierce habit:

in your planner, create a spot at the end of the week or on friday’s evening time slot (where it normally isn’t bustling with to-do’s) and write what is inspiring you this week. I do this along with 3 things I’m grateful for every day. It reminds me to have a daily focus on what is making me feel excited and also to practice gratitude.

Inspiration is everywhere, if you start looking. What is inspiring you this week?

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