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3 tips for the girl boss in you


You guys, I am SO EXCITED to share all of this with you! This being the new blog, the why behind the new rebranding, my tips for all you girl bosses (let’s get real, whether you’re working for someone else, a stay at home mom or are currently the boss of your own company…you are a Girl Boss), what I have been journeying through and to have this new space to share and connect with you! Before I get into that, a little background:

“I take with me, the opportunity to create something new”

Rewind to two months ago. I still remember standing up there, in front of forty other peers, with a quartz crystal in my hand (thank you power stone!), not knowing exactly what I was going to say and then as I opened my mouth, the words above came out and I knew it was exactly what I needed from myself. I had been in Houston for the Goal Coaching Certification, that Creates Bold Leaders, and after an intense weekend of digging in to my personal legacy, Susanne (the Founder) asked us to come to the front of the class, take our crystal and tell the class what you will leave behind and what you will take with you from the weekend. The opportunity to create something new. The opportunity to create something new. The entire plane ride home, I thought about what this meant to me, what it could mean and what I really wanted it to mean.


Two years ago, the Fierce Forward Brand became a business and I became a Entrepreneur (one of the most memorable moments in my Life, the drive home from my last day). Although this happened overnight after leaving my job, I quickly discovered that being a Entrepreneur is in my blood…I have a passion for it! I have always operated from my heart and my job now, is true heart work. And while it sounds fluffy and breezy and dreamy, at the beginning and end of the day, it is a job. With any job, you grow with and sometimes, against your work. Sometimes you find yourself giving too much, or the job taking everything you have, and sometimes you feel lost and don’t know where you’re going. I have gone through my fair share of growing with and against this Brand and while it has been the most challenging mountain I have ever climbed, it is also the mountain that gives me the most reward from climbing it each day.

I knew that creating something new for me right now, meant many things and one of them was creating a space for me to rediscover my voice and get back to my writing! I also wanted to login each morning to a space that really felt like everything both I and Fierce Forward have become over the years. Before I share my 3 tips for the girl boss in you, I want to share what you can expect to find on the blog moving forward!


and much more, all mission-ed around empowering you to Live Your Fiercest Life & Be Your Fiercest Self!



1. Know your Why & make sure it’s heart work.
When you spend most of your waking hours giving your time and energy to something, it better be something that is, in some way, moving you towards your purpose. Working to pay the bills is not a Life that will ever satisfy you on a deep level, nor will working somewhere you dread being. I have been there and I know what it feels like to be a zombie and go through the motions just waiting for my freedom at 5pm-sharp each day. It can quickly become a downward spiral for anyone in their lives in mind, body & spirit. You find ways to escape and soon you’ve gained forty pounds, become sedentary, can name ten of your favorite reality tv shows and find yourself scrolling through the endless and monotonous feed that is Facebook & now, Instagram. You end up wanting to be in someone else’s Life and there is no escape in this mental war once you’ve declared surrender. And so many people, surrender. Surrender to Life, to the limiting beliefs they live by and to themselves. And so you can see HOW IMPORTANT it is to Know your Why & to make sure you put your heart into what ever you do! So whether you are a girl boss right now or you are a stay at home mom who has lost a bit of herself in the process of caring for others or you are currently that zombie we talked about above and despise your job or you are retired and have time but are not sure what to do with all the time left…these tips should be put into action by all of us!

Know your Why. Know why it is you do what you do, why you spend your time each day doing what you’re doing. If you go to a job just to pay the bills, then know that! When you know your Why, you will always be moving forward consciously and intentionally towards that Why. If you run a Brand that is centered around giving back to kids in need, then you know your Why! And once you know your Why, you are able to decide if that Why is where your heart is. If it’s not, begin asking yourself what your Why would really look like and always, dream big with your Why.

Make sure it’s Heart Work. I have always said, “It’s not hard work, it’s Heart Work!” Being a Entrepreneur, I learned quickly that it is quite possibly even more difficult than working for someone else, and in the grind, when things became hard, I HAD to change it to Heart because when you look at something as difficult, it usually means you don’t want to do it and then you don’t really do it well because you really didn’t put your best energy into it. But when you can find WHAT YOU LOVE about doing that thing every day, you can put your heart into it and you have chosen Heart Work. So how do you do this if you aren’t where you really want to be? What you do, is you find the things you DO LOVE about that job or about that task or about that boss and you focus on those. THAT, is focusing on your Heart Work. It’s very much like choosing gratitude over complaining or being unhappy. You switch your focus, those things become bigger and the icky, challenging things become smaller and then you are able to put your heart into those things because you want to.

2. Always make time for yourself.

I learned this the hard way. More times than I can count on my hands, have I experienced complete burnout. It is not pretty, it is not healthy and it is not safe. You have to protect your Self (the important words there being your, because you are you and it is your responsibility to make sure you are cared for, first and foremost!) from giving and giving and giving to everything else and not giving to yourself. You MUST give to yourself every day and do it first. Making your self a priority is practicing self care, taking time for you no matter what, doing the things that make you happy and doing those things every day. It is a practice and you must practice it to be good at it! You will never be able to show up your best, fiercest self if you have nothing in the well, to give. You create abundance and a full well by filling it up by and for YOU. Look at it as your Fiercest Bank Account. If you don’t ever make deposits in it, how can you ever transfer funds to other accounts you are responsible for? You’ll end up overdrafting your account (aka: burnout) and no one will be happy, I assure you. You cannot give of yourself fully unless you have first, given TO your Self, fully.

This will be difficult for most, and my best advice to begin this practice is to do one thing today, that is for you and make no exceptions…you do it for you and begin there. Then, celebrate and begin doing more for you. Journal how it felt and what you want to do next for you and how you were able to show up for others and other things after putting yourself first. Did it feel different? Did you have more to give?

3. When you feel lost, it’s not because you are, it’s because you’re finding a new way.

Listen, Life is an eb & a flow, made up of thousands of ebs & flows. I see it as journeying up a mountain, we know where we’re going and we keep moving towards that and then, boom, we hit a valley and have to look around, not knowing where we are. We’re off track and we’re not on that journey upwards, towards the peak anymore.

Sometimes, we get lost. It doesn’t feel good, you begin to question everything, compare yourself & consider if you belong here. I consider this totally human-normal! And when I find myself in this Eb, or this valley, I get really intentional and step outside myself, telling me that this is totally human-normal and I just observe and find my Flow, within that Eb. You see, if you can use the FLOW in everything you do, in all that comes at you, in all that you harbor from your past and learn to flow, you will be able to let go and experience that valley. It’s there for a reason, it’s a new landscape showing up for you and it’s trying to have you experience something so you may go on a new mountain path. It’s all taking you to where you are going, so do your best to have faith in Life, in the above and in your Self and keep bringing that Flow!


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    By the way – I love the outfit and bold blue girl boss eye-liner! I wish I could pull that off. Might have to try it one day :)

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    Number 3 so speaks to me! I totally smiled and started to tear up just reading the title. Then when reading your description it really relates to how I have been thinking for a while. I kind of feel lost sometimes, but I don’t panic because I’m learning and experiencing for some reason I may not see at the moment.
    Thanks for your heart-work and your inspiration!

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    I loved this post so much! Thank you for sharing this, it is so helpful, as I want to become a Girl Boss. Fierce Forward!