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Never Give Up!

There have been so many times I’ve wanted to throw the towel in because it didn’t seem to be working.

I would get to the end of my rope, have a huge hissy fit (totally necessary at the time) and find myself on my bed or the ground asking myself if I should keep going or end it because nothing is happening.

I know how hard it is. It hurts. And it’s painful. My rope has 77 knots by now.

Sometimes, we forget our why…our roots. We get disconnected in the attempt to connect our dream into the world and become unsure about if what we’re doing matters or is worth it.

When you enter times that feel like nothing’s working and you wonder if you should give up to move onto something else, this is a teacher showing up to remind you to remember why you started.

Water your roots.

Moving into something easier at the expense of what’s in your heart is not the answer. You know this deep down.


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When you get to the end of your rope, remember why you started. Use this time as an opportunity to become even more invested in your dream so that over time you develop the strength to keep moving forward no matter how hard it gets.

Maybe you pivot. Maybe you return to the beginning. Or maybe you just have a hissy fit, give thanks to the challenge because it always makes us stronger. Nothing worth having comes easy. Never give up and keep tying your knots. It makes for a damn strong rope.


tools & resources to help you move forward

  1. Wear your Never Give Up bracelet daily to remind you to keep following your dream! You’re gonna make it happen, I know it
  2. Download this {free} Fierce Forward inspiration board, set it as your desktop or iphone screensavor
  3. Read my 3 Tips To Move Forward in Times of Uncertainty for more inspiration


Have you felt this way about something recently? Ask yourself: is it time to pivot, readjust your grip or tie a knot?

Comment below let’s get your heart back in the game. The world needs it more than you know.

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    Brit, thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad this resonated with you and added something to your journey. love you babe

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    Thank you for this post! Speaks to me 100%!!! <3